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End to end sales management

Complex selling is a tough challenge. We have the experience and the network to make that easier and more effective for you. Our complete sales engine process can be delivered end to end or by component parts to suit your particular needs.

We will help you define your Ideal Client Profile and then identify companies who fit that profile. To achieve that we gain a strong understanding of your solution and factor in targeting variables such as sector, location, business model, company structures and financial performance.

Then using sophisticated search capabilities we produce a list of key targets and run campaigns to engage the right people in those companies. 

The campaign will drive initial contact and first stage interest, we can follow this through with C-Level sales engagement, commercial negotiation and contract execution.

We can maintain nurture campaigns for clients not yet in a buying phase and we can advise and support on any technical integration required as it becomes necessary.

Sales project leadership

Sometimes a business faces a resource challenge as it launches new products or in new geographies. Does it staff immediately for full expected success volumes ? Does it actually know what might be delivered in a given time frame?

Too cautious on resource and it might stall the project. Too ambitious and it might fail against budgets too quickly.

We can offer an effective and flexible support to that decision making process. We can supplement or lead the project until the delivery profile is clearer allowing the business to hold off on permanent investment or restructure until they have more clarity. This service is especially relevant if the project itself is of a trial nature.

Interim management services

When a business is growing, needs to change strategies, or business functions combine there can be structural change that dictates additional or new leaders.

It is sometimes difficult to source the new management talent immediately or even understand exactly what is required and in those cases we are able to provide interim management services to ensure momentum is not lost. We have broad direct senior line management experience and short term strategic planning and refocusing capabilities.

Merchant payment review

We support merchants looking to optimise their payment solutions as they grow. We can review conversion rates, current cost and appropriate payment methods by region or market vertical we can also support and define a full RFP process.

Through our substantial connections in the payment market we can oversee terms renegotiation or disputes with your current providers or effective sourcing of additional or alternative providers.

Strategic input/advisory board capacity

A different voice , not close to the day to day running of the business and not invested in the history of the operation is likely to provide a new perspective to the current planning and strategy for growth.

We can support small or newly launched business right through to large established global players. We have multi year payment experience and knowledge of company structure challenges.

We can add a different professional presence to work with your board or your investor teams.

Land and expand strategy

If you are a successful business in your own region and you believe your product and services would sell well through other regions how do you make that leap?  Setting up in a new region can be a costly and time consuming exercise especially if the scale of returns are not clear.

We can provide senior presence and representation for your company in your new region as a very cost effective solution. We can help you build your connections and build your team in a structured way.

Overview of strategy on market penetration and sales process

We are available to help guide your planning and resource allocation using our knowledge of international payment markets. This can help you confirm that your chosen target markets have the delivery potential you need and your methods of attacking those markets are appropriate and cost effective.

Management of partner or clients to protect and grow

As your business grows it is critical to keep the connections you have already won happy and productive. If your team has been focused on winning new business we can deliver ongoing engagement strategies to protect your current clients and avoid them becoming targets for others without you realising it. We can help you optimise your current partner contracts to ensure the agreements in place turn into consistent and effective delivery streams.

Network access

We have connections in most gateways, acquirers and alternative Payment companies as well as multiple tier one/two global merchants.

Sometimes what you need is simply to be able to talk directly to subject experts or senior decision makers in target clients or partners. The surrounding noise and difficulty in getting that time is normally challenging even if you know the clients you want to talk to. We have built up a substantial network of first hand contacts inside payment and fin tech providers and tier one merchants that we can leverage to support you.

We can’t guarantee sales or contracts but we can get you the audience you want to make your pitch.